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Salvatore Lanzafame was born in 1973 in Catania (Sicily).

During his studies at the institute of Art in Catania he undertakes a painting of experimentation and he graduates in 1992.
He graduates at the academy of Fine Arts of Catania where, through an individual search, he has combined the tradition of the romantic landscape painting and the expressive strength of the avant-garde colours.

He later finds new expressive enthusiasms for the combined use of languages and different expressive means; but it is particularly in the pictorial search that through a constant and softly persisting exercise that he goes to grant in arcane forms the perceptible phenomena as, the natural depths, filtered only from atmospheric colours, translate in thrilling and saturated chromatic mass of plastic-constructive essences, the effects of the absolute perceiving.
This way he draws a scene composition where the wide lines of strength are modulated by the normal rhythms sprung by the spiritual search for the space.

Currently he lives and works in Catania.

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